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Should the discussion be between Repro and aftermarket?
I guess its all down to availability and as Mrs Thatcher used to say "market
I recently visited one of the biggest surplus dealers in Holland,whose
main customer base is governments using ex US military trucks .It has vast
quantities of aftermarket service parts for the current M series vehicles.
I was interested to see that they had cage after cage full of wheel
cylinders for REO's made in Taiwan. Many other aftermarket parts were not
made in the USA.One has to assume that these are of a high enough standard
to meet the specification for the various armies supplied.I bought 40 wheel
cylinders on behalf of a well known wild life orginsation who use 2.5 ton
trucks and they all seemed to be well made,packaged and those we
used,fitted and worked perfectly.
Donaldson make the air cleaner element for the turbo multifuel-but they dont
supply to anyone except the US Govt, so someone has to make an
equivalent.However,here in the Uk we can't find an AC number -can anyone

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>Years ago the repro parts were all junk, or barely usable, having been
>made really cheaply or for "foreign" armies that were more cost conscious
>(you should see what's left of the brand new French "pull-out" lightswitch
>I fitted to the Carryall)
>These days I still here some complaints, but I bought nearly all
>reproduction material for my current GPW, and the quality of wiring,
>temperature gauge, and general fixtures and fittings (Genmark) is quite
>good, in fact the (MV Spares) wiring must be well up to the original
>Go with whatever makes you happy, keep original fixtures and fittings for
>later re-use, but if it is more patch than original (like my GPA hull)
>bin it and make or buy.
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