[MV] original vs repro

Sun, 3 Jan 1999 10:39:58 EST


Thanks to all who replied, I was happy to see a range of opinions expressed
without having to sort through messages that spent more time condemming those
who don't share their views, than articulately expressing their own.

Thanks to Mike who sent along this gem:

>According to my old grandfather original seems to last forever. For as long
as I could >remember, he had the oldest axe in the county. Replaced the handle
10 times and the head >twice but he still had the oldest axe in the county.

As previously stated, my original goal was to save the existing body, and
initially, I am going to try and pursue that course of action. I have to agree
with those who expressed a desire to keep another body from falling victim to
the scrap man's torch. However, if this course of action doesn't pan out, I
will look into replacing the tub altogether.

Given that, can anyone recommend some top notch body folks in the
Massachusetts area? I've seen "Commonwealth Auto Restorations" advertised in
Mil. Veh. Magazine. Anyone out there have any experience with them? Even
though I want a professional to do the actual repair work (life is about
balance, and right now I'm balancing a job, a wife, new baby, and a 200 year
old house), I'd like to provide the replacement parts. I've seen a number of
NOS front floor boards available at shows and in advertisements. Is there also
a supply of other NOS body panels, wheel wells and floors available for the
M-38? If not, How about repro? It seems like most of the sources selling the
repo parts advertise the entire body kit or the tub. I haven't seen individual
panels advertised.

Secondly, anyone have any experience with Sarafan in Spring Valley, NY.
They've advertised M-38 bodies in good original condition. I've gotten mixed
reviews about them from others in the hobby. Anyone else know of an original
tub (in very good condition) for sale in my area?

I am sending requests for the above parts info directly to Peter Debella,
Darryl Bensinger, MD Juan, and Beachwood Canvas. Any other suggestions would
be appreciated.

Chris DeWitt

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