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Darren Gibbens (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 02:32:59 +1100

Hi List,

I don't post here often, although I do read with great interest and
enjoyment, but I thought I'd stick in my US$0.02 cents worth (Aus$7.95)
about this topic.

I know a few guys in the local MV scene down here who will have nothing
other than original parts on their jeeps. They insist that repro parts
devalue the vehicle and are not as good as genuine NOS parts. Most of these
guys who follow this train of thought are the proud owners of jeeps with
leaking pinion seals or have disconnected the handbrake mechanism because
there is so much oil on the drum they risk setting fire to the vehicle. My
opinion is that I do what makes me happy. I don't mind sacrificing
originality for reliability provided it isn't obvious. I would much rather
have my pinion oil seals made from neoprene than leather.

In my case, I'm restoring a '43 MB that's almost finished. My jeep had been
used as a dog kennel in a junk yard for 30 years when I bought it and it
needed a lot of TLC. I started the project in early '95 and for a first time
jeep restorer it's been quite a learning experience, however I have found
that because of my location, Melbourne Australia, I have to take what I can
get in terms of replacement parts and in most cases they are repro and, with
a few exceptions, I have been very happy with them.

Today my jeep looks like it just rolled off the line at Toledo, albeit minus
an engine that it's waiting for. To me, it's an original 1943 Willys MB
although it's content of original parts is limited to the chassis &
driveline. I'm very satisfied with it's progress, but the greatest
satisfaction I got was when I had a few "NOS Purists" from the local club
over to my house a few weeks ago to take a look at it and all they could say
was "that's the best looking jeep body I've ever seen". I didn't have the
heart to tell them it was made in Manila....

Congratulations to everyone for the best list on the net!


Darren Gibbens
'43 MB
'? MB-T

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