[MV] Crap in the forum

Steve Andersen (sanders2@tampabay.rr.com)
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 21:07:27 -0500

The military vehicles mailing list is a forum for those who privately
own or are interested in military vehicles from any country and
of any type, from bicycles to tanks.

Discussion can cover repair of vehicles, buying and selling vehicles and
spare parts, weapons, paint, markings, technical
documentation, and notification of clubs, parades, and conventions for
military vehicle owners. Most any discussion concerning
issues of interest to military vehicle collectors is appropriate, though
military matters beyond historical background would likely
belong on sci.military.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think current G.I Joe toys that
are purchased at K-Mart have anything to do with the historical
background of military vehicles. That type of stuff should be brought up
in a military modelers or toy forum...... veteran or no veteran.

Steve Andersen
1943 WC-57

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