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>---russ morgan wrote:
>> > Does anyone know of any Panzer Mark IV in the US that is in a
>museum or
>> > privately owned? Aberdeen has a Mark III but I would like to see
>a IV if
>> > anyone has seen one on a military base anywhere. Thanks for any
>> >
>Thats a good question. I checked the vehicle listing for the Patton
>musuem located at Ft. Knox, KY and they don't have one, only two Marks
>of PzKpfw IIIs.
>Be interested to see the answer to your query.

Information received here suggests there's a new museum on Long Island
that has several ex-Syria; APG _used_ to have three or so including a
development model with hydraulic drive, the Patton Museum would have
been the other candidate but you have covered that.

Just have to come to Beltring and see one driving around. . . . . . . .
. . :-)

All the best,

(Southampton UK)

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