John Edwards (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 08:43:50 +1100

>Try typing " +jeep +train " without the quotes. I got 44 hits, several of
>them were rail-wheeled jeeps.


I found the problem. I have ALL COOKIES disabled in the advanced section of
IE4.0. Last night I also tried "Blamey" as well. So I knew something was

As for the photos, it now appears at LONG LONG last that the AWM's "single
copy" image prints are now available. These are the original prints that
came off the negs after the War. The negs were damaged & this is their
master copy. That's why it's on the Photo Database now.

What this means for me is that Aussie jeep owners may now have more info
coming their way from me, as the "single copy" prints have been released in
an internet format. Which means my database can be used to their benefit.
Great stuff.


John (Sydney Aust)

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