Re: [MV] Overdrive units

jonathon (
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 20:40:21 -0600

>Regarding the old Warn overdrive, as well as the newer unit if it is
>identical, please consider the following:
>Although the unit was advertised as workable in a CJ-5 length chassis, I had
>one which I attempted to use in two different jeeps of that length. The
>overdrive was super to have, but it required the rear driveshaft to be
>shortened .(or it came with a shorter shaft, I forget now) The shaft wound
>up so short that it caused the U-joints to run noisy, and ultimately fail. I
>never got it to work as advertised, and sold it in despair. Before spending a
>thousand bucks on this unit, please check with the manufacturer to see if it
>is warranted for use in the M38 and A1, which I believe are both short
>Can anyone else comment on this problem?

Totally wrong. I'm not saying your situation didn't happen.. But the Warn
unit that I used (and the one I think he was talking about) bolts into the
rear PTO cover on the old type transfer case. The driveshafts are not
involved at all.


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