[MV] trailer with driven axle

Todd and Audrey Hall (athall@flash.net)
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 19:33:03 -0600

Hello everyone

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I heard some Korean
war stories. One of them
concerned a trailer that was used that had a
driven axle. Used by a surveying
crew it was hooked to a M37 making it an
effective 6X6. I would like more
information on this type of trailer. Do they
exist? How was the power hooked
up to drive the trailer, from a second output on
the transfer case possibly or
what? If they do make them I assume for an M37 it
would be in the area of a
3/4 ton trailer, do they exist in a 2 ton
capacity to hook to a M35?
Thanks for the info.
Todd Hall
Albuquerque, NM

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