[MV] APC's found.

Jerry Cleveland (supplyline@mvpa.org)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 05:55:01 -0700

MIL-VEH List subscribers, a message forwarded from MVPA HQ:

A MVPA member (Mike Pollock in Alaska) sent me a copy of Army Motors
in the past.
Today I ran across 25 to 35 + APC's sitting in a field near
Woodland, Washington. I think they are M59's but I'm not sure. I drove
the M113's during my Army days. The APC's are rusty, with some hatchs
If somebody is interested in them I will make some calls and find out
more information. Its a shame to see them just sitting around under the
berry vines.
I would like to get into the millitary vehicle hobby someday. I would
like a M151A2, but first I have to finish my hovercraft project.
I'm building a Sevtec Prospector 18' X 8' 6-man hovercraft at this time.
Thanks for your help.

Happy Hovering,

Paul Kunz

Jerry Cleveland

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