Re: [MV] Rapco Parts

David C. Barbieri (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 08:08:54 CST

Hi Rob -

Earlier, you asked (wistfully):

> Hi listers; does anyone know if Rapco is open? I placed an order via FAX
> 6 weeks ago and haven't heard anything...or maybe I have the wrong FAX
> number....I used 940-872-3406.

The fax number is correct. We, too, have been working with Mark on
getting paint and parts for an M35 restoration project here at the
college. It has taken some time. I share your pain. <chuckle>
I imagine that this time of year is _seriously_ nutso for Mark (filling
orders within/without CONUS, closing out the fiscal year, getting
ready for tax time, etc). On the phone, Mark has been outgoing,
knowledgeable, and helpfull. Since his prices are _very_ reasonable,
I figure it's worth the wait. (I'm told patience is a virtue. I'm also told
that I _really_ need to work on my virtues.) 8-D

Dave Barbieri
Texas State Technical College
'67 M35 Multifuel cargo
'71 M51 Multifuel dumptruck (Cummins repower project)

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