[MV] Flywheel question - correction

Tue, 5 Jan 1999 10:22:43 EST

I have a question about a jeep flywheel. Last weekend was to be the time I
was to start the project jeep I bought a year ago. It is a 1945 MB that is a
Heinz 57. It has a GPW transmission, transfer gear and bell housing. It had
been converted to 12 V when I bought it. When we hooked up the starter switch
and tried to start it the starter spun but didn't turn the engine. I tried
another starter with the same results.
I then moved the starter to another jeep and it worked fine. I then counted
the number of teeth in the ring gear on the 45 and there was 123. The number
of teeth on my 42 GPW was 97. An old flywheel from another GPW had 97 teeth. I
went out to a jeep dealer and bought a new flywheel and ring gear. I checked
the number of teeth and it has 123.

My question:
What jeep has a ring gear with 123 teeth?

Dennis Deck
1945 MB
1942 GPW

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