[MV] M1 Garand

Richard Van Hoomissen (rvanhoo@IBM.net)
Tue, 05 Jan 1999 08:08:36 -0800

At our MV meeting last night one of the members brought an M1 he had
just purchased thru Springfield Armory thru a dealer. It was converted
to NATO and had 3 digit number painted on stock. I believe he paid 600
for it and it was rough. I couldn't see if barrel was pitted because of
light, lack of scope and he hadn't got all the cosmo out of barrel.
I've heard that Match condition in very good shape may go 1200 and would
like to know where these might be found. And wx it is a good idea to
pack these around in a parade. My initial impression is that it would be
problematic. Richard

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