Re[2]: [MV] Overdrive units
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 11:15:52 -0800

The overdrives that I used on my CJ-2A, and also on my Willys Pick-up
were of the Warn design, and did fit into the PTO location in the
model 18 transfer case. This transfer case was used in the MB, GPW,
M38, M38-A1, M170, as well as the civilian CJ-2A, 3A, 5, FC150, FC170,
Station wagon, and Pick-up.

The "other" overdrive that has a jeep application is the Borg-Warner
unit, which mounts to the transfer case at the driveshaft, and only
increases the speed of the rear driveshaft. This overdrive is
commonly referred to as the "WARNER" overdrive, not to be confused
with the "WARN" overdrive.

There are several variants of the model 18 transfer case, and unless
your's is original, you should check before you spend your cash.

Advanced Adapters is now manufacturing the Warn overdrive and they
call it the "Saturn." They can be contacted at 1645 Commerce Way,
Paso Robles, CA 93446. (805) 238-7000.

Beware of some early models that had shift shafts out the front, and
do NOT buy an overdrive with only 2 or 3 planet gears. The current
design is 4 planets, and there is a reason for that.

Current models that are available are as follows:

26 tooth, 6 spline = P/N 915670 CJ-2A, pickup
29 tooth, 6 spline = P/N 915672 CJ-5
29 tooth, 10 spline = P/N 915674 for 1969-71 CJ-5
31 tooth, 10 spline = P/N 915676
27 tooth, 6 spline = NO P/N, FOR MB-GPW!!!

I hope that helps. If you want some personal stories about why I
DON'T use the Warn overdrive, e-mail me off the list.

James Roney
Fremont, CA

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Subject: Re: [MV] Overdrive units
Author: jonathon <> at internet
Date: 1/4/99 8:40 PM

>Regarding the old Warn overdrive, as well as the newer unit if it is
>identical, please consider the following:
>Although the unit was advertised as workable in a CJ-5 length chassis, I had
>one which I attempted to use in two different jeeps of that length. The
>overdrive was super to have, but it required the rear driveshaft to be
>shortened .(or it came with a shorter shaft, I forget now) The shaft wound
>up so short that it caused the U-joints to run noisy, and ultimately fail. I
>never got it to work as advertised, and sold it in despair. Before spending a
>thousand bucks on this unit, please check with the manufacturer to see if it
>is warranted for use in the M38 and A1, which I believe are both short
>Can anyone else comment on this problem?

Totally wrong. I'm not saying your situation didn't happen.. But the Warn
unit that I used (and the one I think he was talking about) bolts into the
rear PTO cover on the old type transfer case. The driveshafts are not
involved at all.


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