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> crew it was hooked to a M37 making it an
> effective 6X6. I would like more
> information on this type of trailer. Do they
> exist?

Don't know about the M37, but I do know that this type of trailer was
marketed in Australia (leastways a few years back) to suit Landrovers.
It got quite good write ups in the 4wd magazines. As to whether anyone
else was impressed I do not know.

To the best of my knowledge they were driven off the PTO using a
driveshaft supplied with the trailer.(the landrovers
I have seen have a ~5" hole in the rear crossmember cum bumper as
factory standard which provides straight line access to the PTO output)
A current ex-military Landrover Perentie owner told me that the 4wd
Landrover is considered to be more capable off road than its 6wd
Maybe the driven trailer idea would combine the best of both worlds?

The idea is nothing new and I believe more than one "bushy" has made
their own from a derelict Landrover.


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