Re: [MV] Armadillo - British WW2 Armour ?

Richard Notton (
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 23:10:52 -0000

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Date: 05 January 1999 14:19
Subject: [MV] Armadillo - British WW2 Armour ?

Hi Tim and the List,

>Does anyone know if there was a WW2 British armoured vehicle called an
Yes, a double skin wooden pillbox filled with pebbles on a 4x2 Bedford
or Fordson chassis, some 660 made in 1940 to various specs.

>If such a vehicle existed - what was it, who made it... and presumably
>are rare?
With only 660 or so made it may very well be the only survivor.

I'll send a small scan separately.


(Southampton UK)

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