Re: [MV] Gulf war vehicles
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 18:05:21 EST

After the ground war in the gulf we were flying on the western flank and
found a 4 barreled AA gun abandoned near the TAllil air base. Landed and
between us figured how to sling it and flew it back to our area on Tap Line
Road. Over the next couple of days we were visited by many JAG folks who
convinced us to sign a letter turning it over to the govt. It also wound up on
a flatbed headed south.
Interestingly. a day or so later, the CH 47 outfit nearby was tasked to pick
up and carry to the port several Iraqi helicopters. I saw an MI24 ( Hind D )
and an MI8 (HIP )
slung going back. The Hind D sits outside the airfield at Ft. Bragg.
There was also in Dhahran on the airport grounds a park - very well guarded- a
field of captured vehicles including tanks, APCs, self propelled artillery,
and trucks. When I asked, I was told that they would be inspected and then
sent to any memberr of the coalition who wanted them for study or rearmament.
None yo us for restoration or purchase.

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