[MV] The value of having maintanance and parts manuals for your particular vehicle

keats (keats@gateway.net)
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 21:27:26 -0500

I've been on the lists for about 9 months, and have enjoyed hearing from
and helping other Jeep owners with their questions, reading others advice,
and general banter. The one thing I do notice at times is that the answers
for the questions asked are easily found in the parts or service manuals
of the vehicle in question. I've restored 5 Jeeps so far, and the most
helpful reference for all of these projects were the manuals. The second,
seeing other vehicles, or pictures, to compare. I can't see trying to
restore or fix a Jeep (or any vehicle for that matter) without them. If a
military Jeep, the maintanance manuals as well as the ORD 9 (which
describes and shows diagrams of "EVERY" and I mean "EVERY" nut,
bolt,washer,screw,assemblies and parts of each asssmbly,that make up the
entire Jeep) are indispensable. For civilian jeeps, the service and parts
manuals. If can make a suggestion, before anyone spends a dime on a
replacement part, or turns a wrench on a new project, spend the money and
get a copy of the manuals needed. They don't have to be originals. It could
and will save you money in the long run, and makes darn good bathroom

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