[MV] Good Reading

William George (william.george4@gte.net)
Wed, 06 Jan 99 20:47:34 Mountain Daylight Time

Parts and maintenance manuals are certainly filled with plenty of usefull and important information,but the best
reading i have done were PS Magazines.PS magazine is a monthly preventive maintenance magazine put out by
our favorite uncle.They contain changes that should have been made to manuals,or info that didn't make it at the
time of printing,but best of all is the tips learned by soldiers in the field.Theycover trucks, tanks ,jets, choppers
,radios, and whatever else uncle Sam uses.
I might add,I can hear some kind of artillery from Fort Carson,CO,right now.I love to hear that sound rumbling
through my house,but wonder what kind of goodies are being blown to bits.Bill George.

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