Re: [MV] M 151

jonathon (
Wed, 6 Jan 1999 21:48:56 -0600

>I read the post about M 151's being used as targets.Now I am mad.I
>figure that if they were sold to collectors and sold that way as a
>Historical Vehicle with a libiality disclamer being it is a historical
>Vehical with a dash plaque saying this and thease were sold for 2000.00

Well... technically they cannot be sold, nothing can be. You have to bid on
them, thats the way it should be, let the market determine the value. Maybe
get $20 when they have to scrapped or maybe get $2000 and drive them
away.... kind of a no brainer.

>that seems to figure out 100,000 dollars of MINE AND YOUR MONEY.Its
>time for use to write letters to our people in Washington and
>everywhere.Belive me if Al Gore gets in you can Kiss our hobby of Mil
>Vehicles and Mil Radios goodby as he had a lot to do with whats going on
>if you dont belive me just ask anyone who works for the DRMO they will
>tell you.WHATS NEXT.

We (the list) sort of blew up on this topic during (or was is just before)
the holidays.

>Lets start doing something about this waist of mine
>and your money as well help keep our hobbies going.

I've been trying for over 20 years Carl. You cannot fight the burocracy
(sp?) in its infinite stupidity not to mention near total incompetancy (sp?)

I see that Lizzy Dole is making noise about running for something or other.
Just remember..... she ran the DOT when the mutilation requirements
escalated to near lunacy.

It's very depressing but......


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