Re: [MV] Civilain Vehicle targets
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 17:35:31 EST

Having read about the M151s being used for target practice I thought I would
share with the list the targets being used at Aberdeen Proving Ground. When we
fly up to APG and land at Phillips Army Airfield there are about 40 acres of
various US and other nations aircraft and ground vehicles to be used as
targets that are right next to the airfield. These include drivable and
flyable trucks, armor, jeeps, HMMVWs, fighters ,transports,light bombers and
Its a lot cheaper to shoot at something you already own as well as ( and more
importantly) well as to see the results of your ordnance against military
targets. Its important to hit the target but (in our case) to see how much
20mm or rocket fire is necessary to damage an armored target. Dont really care
how much firepower is needed to take out a Suzuki Samauri.
As an aside, cost to procure new aircraft was why the Army used the UH-1 as
its training aircraft in flight school after the demise of the much cheaper
TH-55s. All the time they used them, they knew that there were many
helicopters out there cheaper to fly and maintain BUT they had large
quantities of UH-1s and spare parts.

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