Re: [MV] Re: Field Phone (was: no subject)
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:21:43 EST

I have a pair of EE8's that I have been considering selling (am pairing down
the collection a bit) We used them for display with the local MV Club. They
are a great hands-on item for the public. Kids love to play with them and they
look great with the vehicles, static items, and camo net. So in that vien they
are MV related.

It helps to have some items the public can handle at our displays, too many
just rope off thier vehicles and let it go at that. It helps to show the
public that this can be fun too, rather than just having a beautifully
restored MB or Staff Car that we are afraid to get scratched (rightfully so).
In this, non-MV items are great to have around.

Mike Wheeler
Southern Oregon MVCC

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