[MV] PS magazines and the M151A1

Thu, 7 Jan 1999 21:16:18 EST

Hello all, several questions -
Is there a person or company that sells PS magazines??
(New folks, the Army's PS magazines are comic book style information for all
types of maintenance and has been out for at least 25 years that I am aware
of. MV magazine has excerpts occasionally dealing with small items that might
not be clear in the manuals, or field fixes that were never in there to begin
with - ed.)
Since I have this M151A1, I bet I could learn a lot from the right PS ssues,
if I knew which ones and where to get them (or reprints). Can anyone direct
me? Hopefully someone has taken the many M151 series excerpts from this
excellent comic book and bound them for resale as a mini - pub.
Does anyone know where to find a rebuild booklet on the Holley carb in the
Also, I am looking for original -34 and -34P manuals on this thing, too.
And as always, we thank you for your support. Mike in Va

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