Re: [MV] Re: Field Phone (was: no subject)

Daniel F Bever (
Thu, 7 Jan 1999 19:27:36 -0600

Thanks for all of your reply there was a lot more information than I
expected but very much enjoyed. I think you got me sold in making a
purchase. There was a second unit there but the receiver was broken (
could probably repair). BTW it does have the butterfly switch in the
middle of the phone and is in an OD case. It is priced at $42.00 and
appears to be in good condition but I also have a $10.00 off coupon.

Re guarding the off topic issue I must apologize as it was not my intent
and I honestly thought that it was MV related equipment. While I am
restoring my MVs I am always on the lookout for period equipment to
eventually put on display with my MV. I will try to be more careful in
the future.
Dan Bever
MVPA 18507

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