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Michael Carradine (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 11:04:44 -0800 (PST)


Chances are, the old paint colors are not indexed to modern formulations.
Your best bet is to have the paint matched for a nominal fee of $10-20.
Most local paint supply houses can do that. Find a small unexposed piece
with the paint color on it to the shop, then make note of the formulation
and paint type they are using. These formulas can then be assigned
numbers for ready reference. Many paint shops will also make up paint in
spray cans. A quart makes about 6-8 cans. You can also order spray cans
through the mail by companies such as Tower Paint, 800-779-6520.

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-Michael Carradine ex-NATO Unimogs, Mercedes Trucks, Pinzgauers and more

At 08:19 AM 1/11/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi List,
>I have recently become a member of the group that operates the Fort Snelling
>Military Museum in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are in the process of restoring
>a variety of vehicles (mostly armored), from WWII to the Present. As a part
>of the restoration process, we want to repaint all of the vehicles to their
>original colors. We understand that the color "Olive Drab" has gone through
>some changes over the years. We need any and all specs, part numbers,
>Pantone Color Chart numbers, National Stock Numbers, sources of supply, and
>any other information available that would describe the color as it
>progressed from WWII, to Korea, to Vietnam, to the present.
>Additionally, we are cleaning up the interior of a M114 Recon APC and we
>want to apply a fresh coat of paint. The paint that is called out in the
>spec is a two-part epoxy and we would rather not have to deal with the fumes
>and waste by-products. Does anyone know of a paint that would provide for a
>good color match, with reasonable durability. The original color is an off
>white with a slight green tint.
>Thanks in advance,
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