Re: [MV] Paint Colors
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 17:30:38 EST

The interior of your M114 should be 'seafoam green' part#24533 or
NSN 8010-598-5648 which is a semigloss similar to a late sixties Ford color.
The exterior should be semigloss olive drab #24087 NSN 8010-844-8088 which is
Vietnam era. I've bought both these paints from Randolf Products in NJ ;
phone 201-438-3700 who sells enamel equivalents. Also 34087 is the WWII flat
Jeff Symanski
Tactical Truck
Virginia USA
BTW: If anyone is interested I have two M548 tracked cargo carriers for sale
$18,500 each, including delivery to the eastern US. Both low hours and very
good condition.

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