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Douglas Greville (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 12:31:41 +1030 wrote:

> Starting an MVPA list of owners of Ferret Mk1, MK 2/3s in U.S. for mutual
> assistance and information. Interested parties may respond to


You have me a bit puzzled as to why you are seeking to limit this to USA
only. The US is such a big place that I really don't see how it makes any
difference as to whether 2 owners are on opposite sides of America or on
opposite sides of the world.
Due to the peculiarities of Ferret parts supplies, I would have thought it
would be far more beneficial for ALL of us to be aware of each other.

I have the webspace to host the list should you be interested; BUT I am
only willing to do so as long as it is not restricted to one country only.


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