Re: [MV] A Sad Day a point missed...

Dave Cole (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 13:37:37 -0500

Message text written by Joe Baker
>Yes it is true that artillery folks can shoot at almost anything and
get gunnery and FO practice out of doing that. The point is the
military already owns these vehicles, they don't have to spend
valuable training time scouring the junk yards for targets they
already own.<

I have no problem if the military wants to shoot up scrapped out M151s. =

If they are truly scrappable vehicles. If there were perfectly good
vehicles that have real value (more than $1000) then I question the logic=

behind destroying servicable equipment. That's the gist of my argument. =

Just because the military already owns it does not justify destroying
perfectly servicable equipment. (Both you and I paid for that gear with o=
taxes) If the local school board decided that they had too many buses
due to a dropping enrollment, do you think that it would be a good idea t=
donate the buses to the military so they could use them for gunnery
practice? I doubt it. What's the difference? Hey if the vehicles they=

are shooting are junk, I have no problem with that. But my guess is that=
lot of the vehicles that are being shot at are in better shape than my 19=

>Besides what are you going to do when the folks at the Antique Dodge
Listserv comes complaining becasue a rare 1952 Dodge Coupe was shot up
by Major Rice's Fine group of gunners. How you going to explain it to
the folks at the Jeep CJ 5 collectors club when they complain that you
shot up a nice "Golden Eagle Special Edition"..<

No junk yard worth their salt would sell a valuable vehicle to the
goverment $100 bucks per ton or so. They'd be out of business.

>The point is that the military exists to do battle, that requires
training, and in the end they expend resorces. Some of those
resources are vehicles that become targets.<

I have no problem with that. I just don't like hearing about perfectly
servicable vehicles being destroyed because they have to shoot at
something. Cruise missles cost something like a million dollars a shot=
but they have to practice using them also, otherwise how else will they
know how to use them. No sweat. =


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