[MV] Sad day

dvsww2 (dvsww2@cyberhighway.net)
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 12:40:32 -0700

I'd like to differ with you on the value of scrap. I have a close friend
who is an auto wrecker and right now the scrap is so low at $12.00 per ton
some cars aren't hardly worth towing in to the crusher except he needs the
room. He specialized mostly in engines and transmissions, so many of the
body parts are not a concern. Also some cars, such as Mopar K-cars have so
many dieing the body parts aren't worth much. I was just sick as the local
NG training center did in a nice M715 with the phone truck body on it
before the State militay museum got it. Of course the OHC Jeep engine had
died on that. It was used for a tank gunnery target. Arthur might send
lightening bolts our way, but I see this policy eliminating vechicles. I
know every time the General has an open house or an event he calls our club
do a display as the Military has saved few vechicles over the years. He is
beginning to see the light as they have been trying to obtain some of the
armor that was given to put on courthouse lawns for his tank park. I have
to applaud officers like Jim Rice who see a heritage in the vechicles and
do their best that some be saved. Howard.

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