[MV] More sad days ahead if this keeps up.

Tue, 12 Jan 1999 21:21:56 EST

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majoruscavalry@yahoo.com writes:

<< The point is the
military already owns these vehicles, they don't have to spend
valuable training time scouring the junk yards for targets they
already own. >>

Theoretically the US Government doesn't own anything. The American people do.
I understand the point that you are making but don't necessarily agree with
Maybe the M-151 isn't quite as historically important as all this but the
careless scrapping of surplus equipment and the use of them as targets is the
reason that only one vessel remains today of all the ships that were in Pearl
Harbor at the time of the attack. All the Pearl Harbor Battleships that were
raised and refitted were sunk at the Bikini Atoll Nuclear tests. The couldn't
have thought to save even one of them? The Nevada for example was the only BB
to get underway during the attack and made a valiant dash for the open sea.
She later shelled the invasion beaches of France on June 6th 1944. Now she
lays rotting on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Why? Because the US
government couldn't figure out if an atomic bomb could sink a Battleship? All
they had to do was ask me. I'd have told them that it could and the Nevada
would be a museum somewhere. (A small tug-boat named the USS Pogo is the only
remaining vessel from the attack on Pearl Harbor. She was almost scrapped a
few years ago.)

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