Re: [MV] A Sad Day a point missed...

jonathon (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 20:40:46 -0600

>I have no problem if the military wants to shoot up scrapped out M151s.
>If they are truly scrappable vehicles. If there were perfectly good
>vehicles that have real value (more than $1000) then I question the logic
>behind destroying servicable equipment.

Two of the mv guys around here got freindly with the salvage operation that
won the contract to 'mutilate' (i.e. scrap) the Mutts out of Camp McCoy in
WI. They made a video. It's enough to make you cry. Most odometers under
1000m. They drove them up to the area they had set up, took all the lug
nuts off, then picked the whole thing up with a claw thing that looks like a
grapple loader arm that loggers use. They shake it and the wheels fall off
which they round up and sell to farmers for thier manuer spreaders. Then
the drop it back down, pickup a big steel plate, like maybe 3" thick and
maybe 4 x 6 feet with a big knob in the center for lifting it. Then they
lift up the weight and drop it, once on each corner/quarter. Then they set
the weight down, pickup the flattened green thing and literally flip it over
into an open hopper semi trailer. Disgusting!


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