[MV] Tire chains on a 5 ton or a 2 1/2 ton

Dave Cole (DA_Cole@compuserve.com)
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 21:49:45 -0500

I have a 5 ton M51 and the TM 8028 Operation and Org Manual. Under the
section regarding unusual driving conditions it says "Tire chains must be=

installed in pairs (front and rear) to prevent powertrain damage and wear=

Question: What is meant by front and rear in pairs (front and rear). I
would assume that pairs means both right and left side, but does front an=
rear assume front-rear and rear-rear axles or do they mean on all axles. =

It seems that if they meant all axles or all tires they would of just sai=
"all tires" or "all axles".

Also, the manual says that for snow, ice, or soft mud that you should air=

down the tires to 15 psi. It seems that this would help traction wise,
but how much does it help in snow on road surfaces? =

Last question: How does the air shifted front axle work? When I shift
into reverse something is actuated in the transfer case. Is this the fro=
axle being disconnected or what? Why is it important that the front ax=
be disconnected? Or do I have it wrong.



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