[MV] Authorities

Eugene PANTANO (snoshu@market1.com)
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 18:30:34 -0700

You know, there are too many wise guys out there. Let me set the record
straight. I have been a Government Employee for 46 years. Many of those were
spent with a Maintenance Company as their First Sergeant. To further
enlighten you--a diesel engine does not produce vacuum. A mechanical pump of
some sort must be used to create vacuum to operate certain mechanical units
on the vehicle. In the case of the CUCV family of vehicles, the transmission
will not shift without a mechanical vacuum pump, which is installed where a
gas engine would have a distributor. Also, when we went into WWII we did not
have a gasoline can standardized. We used quite a few German cans with the
pouring spout on one side--NOT IN THE CENTER---hence the term--Gerry Can.
These early US cans bring a premium and are quite scarce today. The pouring
spout (Donkey thing) with the lever locking claws are extremely hard to
find. Yup, I was there--with German and Italian prisoners on "Nany Goat
Hill". How many of you know that one.. 1SG PANTANO

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