RE: [MV] oops/M60

OConnor, Dennis (DOconnor@SIKORSKY.COM)
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:50:07 -0500

>The VTANG GAVE one away here a couple of years ago in a deer
>pool. Fully operational with the exception of the main gun breech. Most of
>the M60s at Ft. Hood went to Anniston AD for refurbishing, and
>probably sale to other foreign armies. However, 100+ of them returned to
>Ft. Hood, and were used as targets at many of the ranges.

They do like to give them away for monuments (like in front of VFW posts)
and to military museums. There's a museum in Ridgefield , CT, USA that has a
beautiful M60. Hey, maybe the OIC at Fort Livingroom, KS can get one to go
with the M151 they requisitioned from Major Rice last
know...something to go out by the main gate....

****Story Warning****
It's been a few years since I heard it from the museum's owners/curators but
here goes. The museum put in the paperwork for a tank, was contacted, and
told where to go get the beast. They arranged transport and went to the base
where the officer in charge told them to go to the tank parking area and
pick out the one they wanted. They went through the row(s) and found a
PERFECT example (like new) that was far better than the rest (heading for
the range). They went back to the office, finished the paperwork, loaded,
and left with their prize. Sometime later (quite a while, not just a few
hours/days) they were contacted by the Army looking for their tank. It seems
the one they had picked had been rebuilt for reuse and inadvertently parked
in the wrong spot! After some head scratching (or whatever), the Army they
decided that it was their fault as the paperwork was all done and approved
like it should have been. The museum was told to keep the tank and either
inop the main gun or the engine. They plugged the barrel, I believe, and the
museum occasionally drives it in parade or to show. Very impressive vehicle
going down the road!

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