Re: [MV] MV markings

Claude W. Vaughn (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 16:50:53 -0600

Pardon the delayed response. I dug out a 4 ounce can of:

PAINT, Liquid Vesicant Detector, M-5, Type II

issued by the Chemical Warfare Service. Can is dated 10/7/42. After
opening the can and stirring for a considerable amount of time I painted
a test swatch. The color was an olive green, real close to the green
ones in a jar. Had a definite yellow hue to the green. Eventually I
carried the sample by a large hobby store and compared it to the hobbyist
paints. The test sample was close to the lid color on the Humbrol tin,
color number 159. Still, you would need to add just a bit of yellow for
a match. The test sample was then checked against the Testor line of
paints. The sample matched the "color chip" on the paint display rack
exactly, but when the bottle was shaken and the sample was compared with
the paint visible in the bottle, the paint in the bottle appeared a bit
more green. The Testor paint number was 1715 (also labeled as FS 34157).

My guess is that the paint quickly faded to a yellow or yellowish brown.


Mike and Cheryl wrote:

> Can anyone expand on the paint that detected biological
> gas.
> I talked to an old veteran that told me he was in a jeep and
> they had this type of paint on it. I think he was in a special
> unit of signal corps (but it's been a long time ago). He said
> it would change color if gas was present.

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