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There is a funeral Parlor here in Colorado Springs that has a beautiful M60
out front . Just a gem..Gene
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>>The VTANG GAVE one away here a couple of years ago in a deer
>>pool. Fully operational with the exception of the main gun breech. Most of
>>the M60s at Ft. Hood went to Anniston AD for refurbishing, and
>>probably sale to other foreign armies. However, 100+ of them returned to
>>Ft. Hood, and were used as targets at many of the ranges.
>They do like to give them away for monuments (like in front of VFW posts)
>and to military museums. There's a museum in Ridgefield , CT, USA that has
>beautiful M60. Hey, maybe the OIC at Fort Livingroom, KS can get one to go
>with the M151 they requisitioned from Major Rice last
>know...something to go out by the main gate....
>****Story Warning****
>It's been a few years since I heard it from the museum's owners/curators
>here goes. The museum put in the paperwork for a tank, was contacted, and
>told where to go get the beast. They arranged transport and went to the
>where the officer in charge told them to go to the tank parking area and
>pick out the one they wanted. They went through the row(s) and found a
>PERFECT example (like new) that was far better than the rest (heading for
>the range). They went back to the office, finished the paperwork, loaded,
>and left with their prize. Sometime later (quite a while, not just a few
>hours/days) they were contacted by the Army looking for their tank. It
>the one they had picked had been rebuilt for reuse and inadvertently parked
>in the wrong spot! After some head scratching (or whatever), the Army they
>decided that it was their fault as the paperwork was all done and approved
>like it should have been. The museum was told to keep the tank and either
>inop the main gun or the engine. They plugged the barrel, I believe, and
>museum occasionally drives it in parade or to show. Very impressive vehicle
>going down the road!
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