Re: [MV] Tire chains on a 5 ton or a 2 1/2 ton

Joe Foley (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:30:55 -0800 (PST)

---Dave Cole wrote:
> I have a 5 ton M51 and the TM 8028 Operation and Org Manual. Under
> section regarding unusual driving conditions it says "Tire chains
must be
> installed in pairs (front and rear) to prevent powertrain damage and
> Question: What is meant by front and rear in pairs (front and
rear). I
> would assume that pairs means both right and left side, but does
front and
> rear assume front-rear and rear-rear axles or do they mean on all
> It seems that if they meant all axles or all tires they would of
just said,
> "all tires" or "all axles".
My guess is that they mean what you said, right and left on the same
axle if you have only one pair of chains. Personally if I had only
one set of chains I'd put them on the middle axle, especially on an
empty truck. Downshift to stop. If the driving conditions worsened
then I'd put the next pair on the front axle, and drive slower. Six
pairs of chains are going to be a pain, stay home!

I don't like to put chains on the steer axle because of the tendency
for the chains to be forced off the wheel when turning. I guess I can
say it now:


If they're not a wrestling match to put on then they're too loose.
They should be tough to tighten, then they'll be tight enough.
Sometimes its easier to take the wheel off first. Check them OFTEN!!

When they get out of control they take out brake lines and sometimes
have to be cut off with a hacksaw, not a fun job under the conditions
that required them in the first place.
> Also, the manual says that for snow, ice, or soft mud that you
should air
> down the tires to 15 psi. It seems that this would help traction
> but how much does it help in snow on road surfaces?
> Last question: How does the air shifted front axle work? When I
> into reverse something is actuated in the transfer case. Is this
the front
> axle being disconnected or what? Why is it important that the
front axle
> be disconnected? Or do I have it wrong.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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