[MV] Mules in the snow.

jonathon (jemery@execpc.com)
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 22:39:55 -0600 (CST)

With all the snow we've had here lately I thought I'd try my recently
finished Mule out in the snow (M274-A5 but with added 4 wheel steer). Not
to cool, I think my lawn mower would do better. Were tire chains ever
issued for mules or has anyone ever seen chains that would fit without major
modifications? Since I have a spare set of bald tires I was thinking about
bolting a chain thru the tread from the inside out with like a carrage bolt
and weave the chain in a zig-zag manner across the face of the tire all the
way around. Since there is a tube anyway seems like this could work, they'd
never come off either.


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