Re: [MV] MV markings

Stephen Somers (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:52:11 -0800

With reference to the earlier correspondence on painted chemical warfare
markings on vehicles:

Does anyone know if this idea was ever applied to vehicles of other
nations' armies, especially the British Army? I had not heard of it
before, and my late father served in WWII with the 8th Army Signals Corps
near the front line in North Africa and Italy. During this time he saw
mustard gas used, so if this warning system was particularly applied to
signals trucks I would be interested to know more. (This with a view to
accuracy of a restoration, so still on-thread!)


Steve Somers (Project Leader)

'75 Land Rover 101" Forward Control, 1-Tonne, General Service (62FL50 - Royal Artillery/2 Commando)

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