[MV] Re 1943 Jeep Ads

Jess Minton (pd.minton@worldnet.att.net)
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 00:35:36 +0000

Hello All,
I found a little militaria shop here in Arlington, Texas that has all
kinds of these ads for a reasonable price.. I found 5-6 about jeeps but only
one that I really liked. It's a drawing of Jeeps being off loaded from a
ship, Colliers Magazine, October 1944 it reads:
"Jeeps"... Destination Nettuno!
"It is upon those hard working fellows skilled in the science of supply,
known as "logistics", that our invasion forces depend for "the right things
at the right time at the right place". And that includes plenty of tough,
versatile "Jeeps"..."

It gives about five more paragraphs about how "Jeep" means Willys and the
Go Devil engine. You can see in the ad that the company is trying to get
people to think about having a jeep after the war... Hey I bought one and I
wasnt even around in 1944...
I can scan most of it if anyone wants to see.

Jess Minton
1942 GPW
Arlington, TX

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