[MV] diesels suck

King (landy@netpointer.com)
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 17:24:58 -0800

I started out with diesels suck and now it's Land Rover diesels suck?
The butterfly gizmo on the LR motors is for the vacuum option for power
brakes only.The throttle is on the injector pump.
As far as the LR diesel,I think it is under rated.I have worked on
expedition trucks that have gone around the world and one thing I found to
be common is that the units using the LR diesel had the least problems and
best fuel mileage.The one I remember the best is a 109 series 3 owned by a
French couple and they spent 7 years traveling around North,Central and
South America,Africa,Europe and western Asia and the Arabic countries.In
total over 300,000miles was put on the truck and a family of 3(later 4)lived
out of it.The transmission was rebuilt once in costa rica(lousy job) and the
engine had been gone thru once in SouthAmerica.This motor still runs strong
today.I know because a friend of mine bought the truck and is still useing
it and that's about 4 years now.
The biggest killer on anything Land Rover is the garbage parts that are
available in the aftermarket area.
The LR diesel can take more abuse than most anything.I have seen over revved
pistons pulled out of a block were the top ring lands had melted and broken
pieces of ring bits were imbeded into the top of the piston yet this motor
once warmed up wouldn't smoke and still had respectable power considering
only one compression ring was working.(the guy said it smoked like that for
years and then cleared up)Who knows when the real damage was done.
I have seen the drive gear on the cam and distributer pump so worn out that
you had 5 degrees of timing in slop.It was "fixed" by raising the
distributer drive gear and re drilling the set screw thereby tightening up
the acceleration clearances for power but smoked on deceleration(depending
were you are, who cares).
This motor is no power house but it really can handle a lot.

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