Re: [MV] Arching Bows

jonathon (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 23:41:42 -0600 (CST)

>Anyone have any idea how to arch the wooden top bows for a cargo bed?

I made a steamer using a large kitchen kettle. Made a top funnel looking
thing that had a 6" stove pipe elbow and tube going off sideways, that was
longer than the wood. Fill the pot with water and get it boiling, then put
the wood into the tube on some blocks so as to be off of the the floor of
the tube and not touching each other. Cove the end loosely and let it go
for a while, can't remember how long. Then I took them out and went down to
the basement where I had a number of blocks set up, symetrically arranged on
the floor to be close to the curve I wanted. Placed the wood down and
placed a jack on top in the center with a pole going up to the I-Beam of the
first floor and jacked the wood down until it contacted the series of blocks
that set the arch I wanted. Leave it overnight and you've got bend boards!
I didn't have my shape exactly correct and they will spring back a little
but it worked out well enough the first time to use them as is.



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