Re: [MV] M151 radio setups

Joe Baker (
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 07:46:45 -0800 (PST)

In my experience in a variety of combat units, it is not uncommon for
the vehicle to change radio configurations depending upon who it is
assigned to. For Example a Jeep may be the commander's jeep, but due
to problems with relabilty it may get reassigned within the the unit
and another jeep substituted in its place. In this case the
commander's radio setup would be moved from on vehicle to the other,
thus leaving a collection of strange holes on the both of the jeeps.

The antenna you described on the right quarter was probably for the
Aux reciever (R-442).

As a Commander my favorite radio combination was essentially an
AN/VRC-45 (Two VCR-12's) with an R/442 Added in for a third Radio net
on the system. That gave me a frequency for the Company Command net,
the Battalion Command Net, and a reciever that could be put on a third
net such as the Battalion Intell net or one of my Platoon nets as the
tactical or training situation demanded.

The reference for these configurations is TM11-5820-401-10-1.

Hope this helps..

Joe Baker
Major, Cavalry

Formerly of the
1st Squadron, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment (Germany)
and the 418th Med Co (AMB) RVN

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