[MV] M151 radio setups

Sun, 17 Jan 1999 08:09:10 EST

Hi All,
I understand that during a vehicles' service life it may have several
different radio packages installed - my '52 M37 has had three different
antenna installations in it's career (why didn't they bolt the antenna in the
same place each time????).
Now the Question:
My '62 M151A1 has bolt holes in four groups of 3 on the right rear bench, and
a four bolt square pattern on the right hand quarter, about where you would
put a square sticker on an M151A2.
What could this be other than radio? Did a radio jeep have a rack bolted to
the bench and an antenna mounted on the outside right lower quarter? And if
it is radio, how do I determine which setup to put on this thing? Mike
in VA

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