[MV] Re: [CJML] mystery mv?

Todd Paisley (paisley@erols.com)
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 21:39:14 -0500

>hi list! just picked up a 1967 kaiser jeep wagoneer(j-100 delivery) 4wd.
>jeep was a special order from the army. on the dash ,the plate reads
>this....nomenclature-164-panel-delv-audio-visual. and another plate on
>reads....special order # SV-102-H....serial number reads.....1413
>any help in finding out what this vehicle was or is and used for will be
>greatly appreciated! :) paul!

1413 is a 4WD Panel Delivery. Don't know anything about the military
aspects of this particular vehicle, but Kaiser sold a variant of the
J-series trucks as a mobile TV truck for television stations. Not sure
what the military had one for.

Todd Paisley.

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