[MV] M151 Air cleaner part and M151 brake part

Henry J. Fackovec (fackovec@nycpd.com)
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 22:16:39 -0500

Hey All:

I am looking for a part for a straight M151 air cleaner: The cap that goes on the lower body intake (Where the fording kit would attach if one were used)

(The straight M151 one has a rounded perforated cap, not the later solid stamped cup that says "top".)

I am also looking for an early set of brake and clutch petals. The petals themselves are frames formed out of solid bar stock, not the stamped steel or the stamped steel with teeth like the later ones. (The other indication would be additional tab welded to the clutch petal shaft that activates the starter switch when pressed all the way down.)

If anyone has a lead on any of these parts let me know.



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