Re: [MV] Tire chains on a 5 ton or a 2 1/2 ton

Dave Cole (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 08:12:45 -0500

Makes sense to me. I didn't know that CCKW's were issued with chains. =

Interesting. I can see that with the standard NDT tires, chains would b=
a major added benefit off road in soft stuff. =

Do you know if the bolt pattern on a 5 ton wheel is the same as a
"standard" 10 bolt semi tractor wheel? I have to measure it, but it sure=

looks close. If so, then replacement high traction tires and wheels coul=
be a lot easier to get. There are a lot of dead heavy trucks around here=

that still have good radial tires and wheels that I could scrounge. =

Wouldn't be original, but might improve fuel economy to something above 4=

1/2 mpg on gas! Which is what the manual states. Even at $.85/gallon it=

still goes fast.

What do you think?


Message text written by Dr Deuce 264-0909
>The 8 tires (or the 4 that are touching the ground) should be of the sa=
to within 1/4" diameter as I recall from the manual. Puting chains on one=

would be a mistake IMHO.

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