Re: [MV] 998?

Bob, Jeff and Hoot Gallagher (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:35:30 -1000

Did you guys get a different email than I did? Here is the original that I
got...plainly says M998 is the HUMMER.

I am looking for a project M998, A2 or A3. Need not have engine. I would
prefer a "rolling chassis". (M998 is the HUMMER!) What is out there?? 1SG
> > Wasa 998?
> Yes, my thoughts exactly; it was a very informative email wasn't it!
> Yet again, can we PLEASE have informative emails instead of cryptic ones?
> I will take a punt and say he is after the latest offering from Volvo
> but that is not an MV is it? Or just maybe he wants a Hummer, I vaguely
> recall they have "M" numbers in the "900" series.

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