[MV] More goodies wanted

paul vandervort (pgv@imaxx.net)
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:57:11 -0800


Looking for a few oddball jeep goodies. Maybe someone's got
them laying around.

Looking for a 4 groove water pump pulley for an M38A1
water pump. P/N 8699725. NOS or take out is fine.

Cable assy Gen to rectifier p/n 8699723
Cable assy rectifier to regulator p/n 8699711
Cable assy regulator to battery p/n 8699724

100 amp rectifier assy. P/N 7954343 or stock #

The above parts are parts of a 100 amp generating system for
an M38A1. The mod kit p/n is: 8699720, G758-5702025, or MK-484. Need
parts above or whole kit if anyone has a kit.

Need installation kits: MK-606 thru 611/MRC

Also need antenna AT-1011/U p/n 522-2553-00
Antenna mount p/n 345-8964-004
Junction box J-1240/MRC

Hope I wasnt too long winded. Any help with these item would be greatly

Thank You All
Paul Vandervort
MVPA 437

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