Re: [MV] M998A2
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 02:14:35 EST

<< I am looking for a project M998, A2 or A3. Need not have engine. I would
prefer a "rolling chassis". (M998 is the HUMMER!) What is out there?? 1SG
There is two M998A2's, all military here in Hawaii not a fixer upper, these
are complete, only 1500 miles on the motor. I think he wants $45,000.00 to
$60,000.00 each for them. if you want to know more let me know.

Your "JEEP" nut !!!!!!!
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62 M151 rusted but runs
67 M151A1w/M4 pedistal&Cradle,M60(dummy)AN/VRC-47(radio)heater,fording kit
71 M151A2 made of GALVANIZED STEEL(replacement body?) w/ROPS,&heater
67 M416 trailer
6? M416 trailer (converted to a flatbed M762)

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