[MV] Lantern Fuel in Generator Set?

Sat, 23 Jan 1999 23:00:33 EST

I have a problem with the gasoline in my 1.5 KW Military Generator Set
regularly turning to the consistency of honey and / or varnish and plugging
the fuel system up. I "regularly" will put fresh fuel and fuel stabilizer
into the generator but within 7 or 8 months it is all gummed up again and
needs a carburetor rebuild or replacement.

Many years I met a man that that claimed that he solved this problem by
keeping his generator set filled with Coleman lantern fuel. He would test run
the generator from time to time on this fuel but would top it off with regular
fuel if he planned to run it for any length of time. Is lantern fuel
something that I can safely run in my Military Generator set?

1.5 KW Gen.

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